Marc Ostwald ADMISI – What to expect in 2018

Looking ahead at 2018, Marc Ostwald, Strategist at ADMISI gives his overview of 2017 and the key themes that have moved markets.

Firstly, Ostwald highlights one of the main themes namely the meteoric rise in the value of Bitcoin. Can the rise in value be sustained? Without any natural sellers, has the launch of the futures contract been a damp squib?

In a year where politics have dominated the headlines, Ostwald believes themes seen in 2017 will continue in 2018. Brexit will be at the forefront and is there the potential for Donald Trump to step down.  Due to “health reasons” as the US mid-terms loom?

With China falling off the radar, how will economic growth impact the global economy going forward.With pollution and credit bubbles raising concerns, will the country continue to grow at pace.

Ostwald notes the potential rotation in the commodity space, with a demand for agri becoming stronger over the year.

Focus will be on bond yields, especially the rise in US 10 year, could this be the precursor to an equity sell off?

With Central banks winding down QE and preparing for rate hike cycles, how will these be received by the equity markets.

Further Information:

To see more of Marc Ostwald on Core Finance, please click here.  Please also visit ADMISI for more information.


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