Inflation & Employment

Employment and Inflation is the topic of discussion today. Shaun starts by noting two things about the inflation number

  • It’s turning, and we are moving to a position where by the impact of the lower pound is running off. The big thing that is pushing it up is fading.
  • If you go through the numbers, some were up and some were down. This poses a real problem, as you can get any answer you want by choosing what number you want.

Shaun Richards from Not A Yes Man Economics talks to Matt Brown in detail about the inflation numbers and employment figures in the UK. Shaun presents a problem about productivity growth and employment. Watch the full segment to find out more.

The pair also touch upon the Bank of England meeting later in the week.

Further Information

You can see other videos of Shaun Richards on Core Finance by clicking here. This segment is hosted by Core Finance Editor Matt Brown.


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