Gowin New Energy Group’s Non Executive Director, Garry Willinge, talks to Matt Brown this morning to update viewers and investors on his company. Gowin New Energy Group is based in Taiwan and is listed on the NEX Exchange. They are involved in the development of LED components and LED lighting. They also began investing in another energy company (TTFI – which is listed on the Taiwan stock exchange). Again, this company producing and selling LED lights and back lights. They expect to increase their stake in this company over time.

They are also now entering into the tea business, investing in a company which Garry believes will be very opportunistic for them. Garry explains to viewers how they plan to issue shares in light of this new venture. He also explains how they plan to buy the best tea from boutique tea suppliers in China, focusing on only the highest quality.

Garry and Matt also discuss:

  • Research and Development into LED lights
  • Cost pressures on margins
  • LED in agriculture and the expanding market
  • The future of Gowin New Energy Group over the next few years

Watch the full video to find out more!

Further Information


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