German politics is directing the markets this morning and it’s not good news for Angela Merkel.  The 3 party coalition deal has all fallen apart. The FDP have now pulled out of the coalition talks. This now means further talks could now continue and there may even be another election in a couple of months says Finance Editor Matt Brown.

This latest issue in German politics means the Euro and the DAX are down. This may also effect the Brexit negotiations as Merkel may lose some ground and strength.

Bitcoin is up at $8000 this morning! Has had a bit of a roller coaster ride as Matt calls it. Trading at all time highs. Also touched open is in Zimbabwe political situation.

William Hill is the FTSE stock of the day, and it is trading a little bit better than expected. It has boosted growth and revenue to about 28% in last 7 weeks. The Mayweather & Mcgregor fight really helped boost this stock and given them a nice little lift.

AIM one to watch is Accrol Holdings and it is down 60%. Watch the full segment to find out what health and safety breach cost them a few million!

Also discussed in this segment is

  • GBPUSD & EURGBP Outlook – what to  look out for this week
  • Broker Recommendation –
  • Core Number – 5 Billion as we compare an AIM and FTSE companies market caps.
  • Economic Calendar

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