FTSE is now consolidating at a higher level, good time to buy – Ayondo

Tim Young – Day Trader at Ayondo talks to Matt Brown about the FTSE and it’s move down being a healthy correction on it’s way to pushing higher. The fact that the FTSE hasn’t gone on a parabolic run creates a good opportunity if the 7400 level holds, which shows a higher low. MACD and RSI are indicating buying opportunities and positives can be drawn from the FTSE not rocketing up and subsequently dropping back.

Tim explains his low risk approach to how he funds and allocates his trading capital to just trading the FTSE. Young is still bullish on the FTSE. He also notes on the FTSE Daily chart that any dips in the stochastics to oversold indicate a buying opportunity, highlighting a pattern that has appeared in August and September this year.

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