First Sentinel – Latest deals and acquisitions update

Matt Brown of Core Finance is joined by Brian Stockbridge, CEO of First Sentinal. First Sentinal is based in Mayfair, has raised about one and a half million pounds so far.

Focusing on investing that money to maximise returns for shareholders. Brian seeks ways to reduce the risk in any investment. Using security and protection for shareholders, typically in the form of a loan while catching the equity upside. This allows them to reduce the risks for people while maximising their returns as well.

In terms of criteria for investments, Brian tends to focus on listed companies. He looks for opportunities that give at least a 20% IRR and upwards.  Which translates returns for his shareholders in First Sentinel. There are many resource companies that tend to focus on that area, as they have the assets that can grant security over. They also have the liquidity potentially in the share price and the blue sky potential when things go wrong.

Brian states that First Sentinel plc is the investment arm, the company that invests the funds into opportunities. They also have a corporate law firm, a stock broker and a corporate finance firm which are all part of the First Sentinel group. They are not part of First Sentinel plc in the corporate sense, but they all come together to offer advice and fundraising opportunities.

Brian updates us on the latest deals, three equity investments and four debt investments. Stating that this is the first real acquisition that they have made. Brian has raised just under one and a half million pounds. However has had to sit on the money waiting for the right deal. This has proved expensive, saying that they have to be invested and making returns and making the right deals.

He goes on to discuss that they are looking at acquiring 80% of company called Perennial which is an invoice purchasing company in Australia. Having started off a few years ago doing seven million Aussie dollars a year of investment, they are now up to sixty million Aussie dollars of invoice purchasing per annum.

Please watch the video to learn more about First Sentinel for information on their latest acquisitions and deals.

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