Cryptocurrencies to create economic growth next year? Founder & CEO, ADVFN Clem Chambers discusses with Nick Batsford his financial thoughts for 2018.

  • Clem is thinking reverse QE is the big unknown and no one is willing to embrace it. He thinks that QE “will be a drag.”
  •  Clem believes the central banks have done a good job saving us from bankruptcy
  • Clem thinks cryptocurrency will be huge next year, similarly to this year
  • Shortage of M2 money supply and Clem touches on the money debt contrast in America, and the effect cryptocurrencies can have in improving this.
  • Bitcoin could cause a huge multiplier effect in the economy and help create some inflation

    Clem then touches on how Bitcoin and Bitcoin payments have helped his company, ADVFN. Chambers then explains why he believes Bitcoin will create a lot of growth into the economy. It will create opportunities for people next year. Also discussed, is how high can bitcoin go and where does it stop.

Further Information

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