Crossword Cybersecurity – with Threats come Opportunities

Tom Ilube CEO of Crossword Cybersecurity, listed on the NEX Exchange,speaks to Core finance Matt Brown. With Cyber attacks becoming more and more common, hitting companies of all sizes, public services and Governments, the need for protection against attacks has never been greater. Crossword Cybersecurity can bridge the gap between the academic world, where innovative development takes place and package the intellectual property to make it marketable to commercial buyers.

Using Crossword’s wealth of experience and expertise, as a company they are able to identify the best IP at a University level and develop the IP to help protect companies.

Ilube highlights the importance of having the most up-to-date measures in place to protect against cyber attacks. In an ever evolving landscape, the increase of threats has created more business opportunities.

Crossword Cybersecurity has many different clients in a range of sectors and can monetise the IP through license agreements.

Touching on Brexit and the future of the company, Ilube comments on how a changing regulatory environment puts Cross Cybersecurity in a position to benefit.

Further Information

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