What does Clean Invest Africa do?

Last week saw the floating of Clean Invest Africa on the NEX exchange. We discuss the company and their goals with their Executive Director,  Sam Preece. They look at clean and renewable technologies, opportunities to invest in growth companies, operations bringing renewable energy to the market, innovative energy efficient solutions and opportunities to generate energy from waste. Sam tells us that Africa is an incredible place to do that.


There is an appetite for this kind of investment vehicle in this sector in Africa. Sam tell’s us that it won’t replace anything currently in the market. But their opportunity is for appropriately sized investments in early stage companies, technologies and projects where there are clear benefits both ethically and monetarily. Africa presents unique opportunities in these sectors, it is historically very good at adopting new technologies.


Clean Invest Africa are flexible in their business approach. They can move from infrastructure based solutions, to local solutions. They have a lot a of things under considerations, not limited to Solar, Wind, but also Waste to power. Sam does state that the opportunities are led firstly by commercial incentives. But they are also interested in benefits to communities.
They not only bring value and return to communities and businesses involved, but also to shareholders. More importantly it is not just cash, but also social responsibility. Well run, well directed environmental, social or energy technology projects are good businesses by their nature.


There have to be a range of options available. The size of investment is important to dictate that. Having the ability to make appropriate sized investments is important. Dependent on market and positioning, the scale of investment can vary significantly.  With the team in place leading the company forward, they can bring value, access to capital, and operational knowledge to the companies to move them forward.
Africa is a place rife with opportunity. Sam tells us that he would like to be able to look back in 5 years time and see that they have supported significant growth in many businesses. The market will mature, so they want to get in early, and with the expertise on board, that is what they are currently doing.


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