#MeetTheMPs is an ambitious online television series, which aims to introduce the personalities joining the green benches as elected Members of Parliament from the 2017 general election. The format is light-hearted, friendly-but informative, with each short episode focusing on one MP from the new intake. Every week, two new episodes, featuring two new MPs are published online. MPs from across all political parties have taken part in the series.

E18: Emma Hardy MP – #MeetTheMPs

Meet @EmmaHardyMP 🙋. She likes salt & vinegar crisps, doesn't like flying & became an MP because of Michael Gove education policies.

E17: Kemi Badenoch MP – #MeetTheMPs

Meet Kemi Badenoch MP. She's watched Game of Thrones (twice), grew up in Nigeria, and would abolish Twitter.

E16: Marsha De Cordova – #MeetTheMPs

Meet Marsha De Cordova MP. She loves GOOD coffee, is partially sighted & brings Jamaican rum cake at Christmas.

E15: David Drew MP – #MeetTheMPs

Meet David Drew MP. He likes trainspotting, Forest Green Rovers F.C., and has many, many pets.

E13: Karen Lee MP – #MeetTheMPs

Meet Karen Lee MP. She likes G&Ts, once worked in a late night Chinese takeaway, and wouldn't be friends with a Tory.

E12: Ruth George MP – #MeetTheMPs

Meet Ruth George MP. She's been for midnight swims in Brighton, only likes Marmite in the morning & loves singing 'American Pie'

E11: Preet Gill MP – #MeetTheMPs

Meet Preet Gill MP. She's the first female Sikh MP, would hit the dance floor with Jezza, and is a big fan of Tom...

E10: Luke Graham MP – #MeetTheMPs

He's been to a Thailand full-moon party, likes illuminated letterboxes & rates BoJo's banter.

E9: Tan Dhesi MP – #MeetTheMPs

Meet Tan Dhesi MP. He speaks 8 languages, is a committed socialist, and once starred in a Punjabi pop video.

E8: Douglas Ross MP – #MeetTheMPs

Meet Douglas Ross MP. He's a football referee, prefers May over Cameron, and is a big fan of Atomic Kitten