UK, Europe, and the biggest mess in the middle

This week has been a comedy of errors in terms of the Brexit negotiations. There is only one person to blame, says James Hughes, Chief Market Analyst at AxiTrader. That person is Theresa May. James says, the only reason you can blame her, is because failed in her Election earlier on in the year. The DUP has now a hand in the government which is causing problems now. The Northern Ireland border situation in particular. Anything with Ireland discussed now is a sensitive area.

What does Brexit mean for the Pound? James admits, we do not know what a post Brexit environment looks like. No one does. Brexit could be the best thing that ever happened to this country, or it could be the worst. Who knows! With such a big question mark over everything, James can completely understand why businesses do not want to put money into the UK. James reflects on how this has effected our currency. We will continue to see the Pound bounce and what does this mean for traders?

Watch the full segment to see James’ Hughes views on the negotiations.

Further Information

You can see more from James Hughes on Core by clicking here or more about Brexit by clicking here.


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