Eddie Tofpik Head of FX ADMISI talks on Core Finance about the Bitcoin weekly chart. It’s just a straight line up! It is still looking bullish.
The futures market opened, which has been a bearish thing for Bitcoin. This is having an effect on the top of the chart. Eddie explains why in this segment. Eddie comments on whether he believes this has been good and healthy for the Cryptocurrency.

The pair comment on previous financial bubbles as everyone believes the Bitcoin “bubble” could burst. Tofpik says people could view it as “the needle – significant in the way we look at the world”. This could be the needle to pop the other asset bubbles.

Eddie is not sure if it is or not, but the pair weigh into the possibility. Watch the segment to find out more information.

Further Information

You can see Eddie’s other videos on FX Pairs by clicking here and here.



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