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“Be a bear” says Clem Chambers

Clem Chambers Founder & CEO at ADVFN talks markets, Oil as well as Banks are going up but looking away from these sectors highlights...

Bitcoin reaches the 8000 dollar mark – Clem Chambers

Bitcoin reaches the 8000 dollar mark Matt Brown talks to Clem Chambers, CEO and Founder of ADVFN to discuss Bitcoin as it reaches the 8000...

Equity Markets in Bearish Mood – Clem Chambers

Equity Markets in Bearish Mood - Clem Chambers Clem Chambers, Founder and CEO of ADVFN joins Matt Brown on Core Finance to talk about the...

“Go Risk-off”, says ADVFN’s Chambers

Chinese shares touched 21-month highs today. UK's FTSE 100 trades at a 2-month high. Despite all the optimism, ADVFN's Founder and Director Clem Chambers...

ADVFN’s Chambers on Fed’s Reverse QE, Bull/Bear markets, FTSE & Pound

ADVFN Founder and Director, Clem Chambers, weighs-in on the effects of Fed's reverse QE, the behavior of the stocks during the bull market and...

“Markets are winding up for a crash”, says ADVFN’s Chambers

ADVFN Founder and Director Clem Chambers says, "markets are winding up for a crash", courtesy of Fed's reverse QE. Chambers adds, "markets are very...

“Dear Equity bulls, watch out for a big whack on the ankles”, says Chambers

The headline of the day is - ADVFN’s Clem Chambers is bearish on equities. Chambers warns equity bulls about a potential sell-off. Key quotes Long-term charts not...

How to pick ‘good stocks’ in a volatile market?

How do you pick a good stock when the markets are in volatile mood? Clem Chambers, founder of ADVFN, talks us through the essential...

QE behind global stocks fall, more to come

Last week's rout in global equities was only the beginning, says Clem Chambers, founder and ceo of ADVFN, and the reason for it can...

Stocks due for a correction or a crash?

Could 'reverse QE' be the driver behind a global stock market correction? Clem Chambers, founder of ADVFN says it is almost inevitable that a...